Bulgaria is known for the already widely recognizable beige Vratsa limestone.

We from "Dekor" and "Sadas" Ltd. are proud that we are popularising a new regional type - the rare pure white limestone. Valuable for its purity and homogeneity, giving incomparable elegance to any facade.

Our own quarry near the village of Kunino gives us the beautiful "Kuna Bella" in two selections of high quality material - pure white, boutique selection and "Macchiato" selection.

"Kuna Bella Macchiato" is characterized by the same white background, but shakes up the style of a building with beige-brown highlights.

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Onyx is among the most luxurious types of natural stone. Its lush appearance and optional backlighting make it a sought-after accent in any interior - lined fireplaces, walls, columns, TV sections, tables, countertops and more.

In terms of colour, it comes in the usual earthy range (grey, beige, white), as well as bright green, pink, yellow and more - the variety is inexhaustible.

As with marble, onyx is an excellent stone for large sculptural pieces.

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Just like marble, you’ll find this stone in all kinds of colours and patterns. Its grainier structure makes it much durable.

As such, this stone finds find a much wider application in both interiors and outside cladding and flooring. Black and grey granite being the preferred colours for outside use.

While other colour and exotic variations are well suited to interiors - countertops, tables, bathrooms, flooring and more.

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The king, among stones. Found in all kinds of colors and patterns, marble can support a wide range of creative expression. We keep a constant stock of the most sought after earthy tones- white, beige, gray.

In addition to them, we import various exotic and luxurious curiousities to satisfy the adventurous connoisseurs.

Marble is mostly an interior material. In public places it is used for floor lining in common areas (foyers, corridors), steps and stairwells, elevator frames, columns and more.

For the home, wonderful candidates are floors and corridors, walls and countertops in bathrooms, window sills and, of course - kitchen countertops.

We do not believe in the outdated claim that marble is not suitable for a kitchen countertop. Experience assured us that it is a matter of impregnation and care. We treat your product with the highest quality impregnants to make sure that you will enjoy it for a long time, in all its glory.

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Private property

Once you are certain of the indisputable advantages of natural stone, it's time to turn your dream into reality!

You can take a deep dive into the possibilities of stonework at any time by reading up on the advice and suggestions of our experienced team.

To get even more personalised guidance from us, you will need to provide us with the surface area and general dimensions of your project - this is especially true if you are considering the exterior cladding of the house.

Another important question we will ask you is related to the timeframe – when is the stone needed and at what stage is your project. This will help us work out the logistics of how to bring the material you’ve selected to your doorstep in the fastest, most convenient way.

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Investors and architects

Natural stone undoubtedly raises the sophistication of any project. It is a pleasure and an honour for us to work with professionals who feel a sense of personal attachment to every project. We respect everyone who joins us reminding the world that excellent quality does not need to be a rarity!

We have prepared special offers and terms for you! Thanks to our many years of experience and unwavering commitment to giving the best for our customers, we have built positive relationships with a variety of companies and quarry owners around the world – therefore we have the opportunity to provide the best solutions and materials for you.

Our opportunities are expanding even more, thanks to our own quarry. We can offer two high quality materials with which to fulfil both the interior and exterior needs of your site.

With the beige marble “Kuna Romana” we can dress corridors, foyers, steps, columns, elevator frames, bathrooms, toilets and more.

The facade of your building can be completed with our own, unique to Bulgaria and rare on a global scale, white limestone with the European trademark “Kuna Bella”.

In addition to its indisputable aesthetic advantage, you also get the opportunity for complete implementation of the facade – from stone selection and design of a ventilated facade system, all the way to installation. More about this proposal can be found here: link

Join our community – we are ready to realize your vision through stylish and quality execution!

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Materials and services

It is never too late to take the first step towards happiness, to give yourself a beautiful, classy and harmonious environment.

Whether you are furnishing your own home or working on an investment project, to which you want to give character and added value, natural material is your best tool.

Welcome to our world! We will be happy to prove to you that Nature does it best!

In our warehouse you can see different types of natural stone imported from around the world – marble, granite, onyx, travertine, limestone, gneiss and more.

Once we find the one most suitable for your taste and project, our experienced team cuts it to the right size, in accordance with its natural pattern, and processes it according to your specifications.

Depending on the type of stone and the application of the final product, its surface can be polished, matte, aged, etc.

More photos and inspirations can be found in the Gallery and on our facebook page.

We believe in the Bulgarian voice

For us, the team of „Dekor“ and „Sadas“, it is honour that for more than twenty-five years we were winning your trust, being involved in the construction of your special projects - classy hotels, multifunctional residential complexes and restaurants, luxury private properties.

For many years of joint efforts, we have recognized the commitment and care, present in you approach to turn each of them into a separate, in imitative world.

This is the idea that leads you to us, this is our personal mission - to find the best stone for you and to implement your work of art!

And while we continue to proudly present works created by nature, we are happy that we can finally offer something just as in imitative and valuable, created with passion and a message from Bulgarian artists.

We believe in the Bulgarian voice. We believe in the sense behind it. We believe in art as the primary means of expression, used to convey this meaning.

We are excited to present you the platform - an extremely valuable project, completely native.

Our friends, the enthusiasts behind, have created an online gallery where we can enjoy boutique works, precisely and carefully selected for us - connoisseurs of sincere and timeless art.

Dear customers and admirers of beauty, we are pleased to invite you to a different, colorful dimension of ideas, colors and shapes.

The most special thing about this trip is that you will see magic that happens only there - everything presented in is exclusive and personal. For you.

Because the identity is in the details!

Ventilated suspended facades

Ventilated suspended facades of white limestone Kuna Bella

Due to the justifiably increased demand of our white limestone Kuna Bella as an aesthetic solution for exterior facades, we have found a secure and reliable partner with whom to offer our customers a complete service.
We can now offer not only with the production and delivery of first-class white limestone, cut in different sizes, but also with the implementation and installation of a ventilated suspension system

We offer you preferential terms for the overall implementation of the facade at your site. The system that our partners work with is designed specifically for concealed suspension of facade materials with a thickness of 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, in addition to the standard 2 cm and 3 cm.
The fixing elements that are used ensure secure attachment of the stone to the main profiles of the system.
In addition to saving time and financial resources, choosing to complete your project with a ventilated suspended facade of white limestone Kuna Bella gives you:
– Classy, clean and elegant look;
– Safe and fully technically sound implementation;
– Continuous ventilation of the space behind the stone – an extremely important advantage in the long run, which prevents damage from moisture (mold, mildew) in the thermal insulation and the stone;
– The lack of silicate adhesives protects the stone from coloured deposits.