For us, the team of „Dekor“ and „Sadas“, it is honour that for more than twenty-five years we were winning your trust, being involved in the construction of your special projects – classy hotels, multifunctional residential complexes and restaurants, luxury private properties.

For many years of joint efforts, we have recognized the commitment and care, present in you approach to turn each of them into a separate, in imitative world.

This is the idea that leads you to us, this is our personal mission – to find the best stone for you and to implement your work of art!

And while we continue to proudly present works created by nature, we are happy that we can finally offer something just as in imitative and valuable, created with passion and a message from Bulgarian artists.

We believe in the Bulgarian voice. We believe in the sense behind it. We believe in art as the primary means of expression, used to convey this meaning.

We are excited to present you the platform – an extremely valuable project, completely native.

Our friends, the enthusiasts behind, have created an online gallery where we can enjoy boutique works, precisely and carefully selected for us – connoisseurs of sincere and timeless art.

Dear customers and admirers of beauty, we are pleased to invite you to a different, colorful dimension of ideas, colors and shapes.

The most special thing about this trip is that you will see magic that happens only there – everything presented in is exclusive and personal. For you.

Because the identity is in the details!