The king, among stones. Found in all kinds of colors and patterns, marble can support a wide range of creative expression. We keep a constant stock of the most sought after earthy tones- white, beige, gray.

In addition to them, we import various exotic and luxurious curiousities to satisfy the adventurous connoisseurs.

Marble is mostly an interior material. In public places it is used for floor lining in common areas (foyers, corridors), steps and stairwells, elevator frames, columns and more.

For the home, wonderful candidates are floors and corridors, walls and countertops in bathrooms, window sills and, of course – kitchen countertops.

We do not believe in the outdated claim that marble is not suitable for a kitchen countertop. Experience assured us that it is a matter of impregnation and care. We treat your product with the highest quality impregnants to make sure that you will enjoy it for a long time, in all its glory.

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