Anyone, who has touched to Gradishte, a part of “Iskar – Golden Panega” Geopark (the only of its kind) in Bulgaria will be impressed and deeply moved by the foundations and ruins of a medieval fortress, which for seven centuries now is sacredly preserving the memory and legend of their ruler – the beautiful, brave and proud Bulgarian woman, named Kuna.
With fighting skills inherited from her father, and with a lot of courage, Kuna gathered a group of girls, whom she trained in riding, handling mace and archery. They have become the most fearsome and intrepid defenders of their home – the fortress. Almost all of them have lost their lives in the unequal battle with the Ottoman invader.
Kuna was captured alive and the invaders wished to make her Sultan’s Khanum. In response, she throws herself from the high cliffs, rising above the Devil’s Mill cave
Today, locals are sacredly keeping alive the legend of their beautiful, strong and dignified Kuna as priceless spiritual heritage, passing from generation to generation.
Therefore we, by “Sadas” company, filled with respect to the spirit of history and traditions of the people of this area, gave the name of “Kuna – the Beautiful” to the white limestone we obtain.

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